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College students start preparing for the four rules

when a majority of the students started at graduation, often because some of their own reasons which led to the first venture failed, so the students in some business activities, need to change the concept of what money?

Second, not superstition popular. Try to find things that have a market need, or have a potential need, but no one to do. In order to study the inconvenience in people’s lives, can not solve the inconvenience of people’s lives through a service or product. If you can create a market through their own behavior, to guide the market, it is even better.

Third, the location decides success or failure. Factories, warehouses and other enterprises in order to reduce intermediate links, reduce production costs, improve operational efficiency, can be selected in the development zone. The company to facilitate transportation, business services, rent reasonable principle. For those services, can be selected according to the business address, clothing stores, small supermarkets to large flow of people in the area; and the service centre for the elderly health care products store, it is suitable and a fixed source place in the quiet but.

Fourth, understand the market, ready to go. Career success depends largely on your understanding of the market. When you want to invest in a project or into a field, it is best to engage in feasibility studies, can be entrusted to a professional company. If you do not have the ability to invest, as far as possible the use of their existing resources for understanding and research.

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