How to treat the entrepreneurial hero


emperors have up to the founding minister help, they contributed to the history with national hero attitude is not the same, so for modern people, and how to treat the entrepreneurial hero?

see business consulting forum is on the business period of the hero is a "kill" and "kill" the debate, mixed feelings, for some friends after a successful venture to ensure their own economic interests to get rid of the use unscrupulous divisive tactics and some friends entrepreneurial hero, to appreciate the entrepreneurial hero made contribution to the enterprise and humor guxiyangjian, affect the enterprise operation and management, and ultimately the two point decline of business are not recognized.

dynasties after the establishment of a new dynasty, always worried about those playing the world hero who prided himself on, difficult to manage, more afraid of their harm to the court interests, separate regime, so in order to maintain its reign, to adopt various means to power these officials or dismissed or killed, the most famous is the song "wine release for" and "Ming fire celebration floor". Zhao Kuangyin’s "wine release for" is a bit of humanity, and they say good, let the hero all take a fortune to go home.

should also use the humanity towards entrepreneurial hero approach can simply use the "kill" kill "and" to treat, do not just let these entrepreneurial hero chilling, later also let subordinates and staff are always on tenterhooks, worry at any time may be killed".

In fact, some

should first treat these reward incentives for entrepreneurial hero, their past contribution, regardless of reputation or physical, this is what they deserve, so that recommended


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