How to run a female shoe to learn to watch

women love shopping, shopping when the beautiful shoes are very interested, so a female shoe is a good idea to open a female shoe, the prospects are very good! So, how to run a female shoe? What are the female shoe business skills? Let’s take a look.

A, not too warm.

1, the customer suddenly stopped, said a certain style "love at first sight";

2, looking at a commodity, expressed interest;

3, look carefully at a pair of shoes, means to buy;

4, the customer is looking for labels and prices, meaning has been more interested in, want to know the brand and price;

5, looking at the product and looked around, may want to find a shopping guide to help;

6, take the initiative to ask questions, that need your help.

two, when customers try on, owners should pay attention to what things?

1, take the initiative to help customers shoes;

2, the first to wait for the customer to try to end the consolidation;

3, evaluate the effect of trying to be appropriate, can be slightly praised the words.



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