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5 DY small entrepreneurs to make the most money for

in 2013, China’s hottest small investment projects, the DIY project ranked third. In advocating individuality, advocating self today, more and more people have been unable to accept the same with others, DIY inevitably become a new fashion of modern life. DIY extends to all aspects of our lives, so that people relax in the creation of their own, to affirm their own, at any time to find the reasons for happiness.

the following five projects are currently the most popular and most popular DIY project, many domestic market is still in the blank stage, very broad prospects for development.

"DIY" / > Accessories

is the personality of young people to pursue and the one and only, DIY accessories will not only satisfy the personal independence of conduct psychology, it is the symbol of fashion. In the jewelry store, customers can take a small container of choice, and then choose their own production line.

bead jewelry price ranging from a few dollars to ten yuan, a product accessories about tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Although the price and the market price of jewelry is almost the same, but because it is DIY, each product is unique, buyers can also get a lot of fun from DIY. A string of beads, a brooch can highlight the personality of consumers and aesthetic.

"DIY" chocolate shop

"DIY" Taoba

Taoba quiet for a lot of people provides a good way of self-cultivation. With a piece of mud, pinch out their favorite items, has become a lot of fun.

now Taoba connotation seems to have not the traditional "ceramic art", and become a new play of ceramic art imagination and creativity of the author. A turntable, a pull embryo machine, a mud, sitting in front of the stage, make a love the other with their own hands…… Is it a "ghost" in the classic scene taste?




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