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Fang Yi entrepreneurial inspiration from daily life

successful entrepreneurs, naturally there is a place to learn, especially for those who have entrepreneurial intentions, especially so. The day before yesterday, Fang Yi and his team held the first session of the general assembly, the establishment of a mobile phone data backup device in the country’s 13 provinces channel agents.

is perhaps the business 4 years ago, experienced a lot of ups and downs, just after the first session of the conference of the parties vendors Yi heart is still filled with a sense of crisis, "there has never been such a huge sales channels, so had not received a lot of orders, the whole team in more than happy, a little nervous. Any part of the quality of the product out of the wrong, it is possible to let the whole team down."

: Entrepreneurial inspiration from daily life

2005 years, the study did not graduate graduate Fang Yi founded the Hangzhou daily science and Technology Co., Ltd., the research and development of mobile phone data backup device.

he contacted 4 like-minded students, 5 people scrape together 60 thousand yuan founded the company. At first, we think this is a creative product, spend up to two months will be able to make the mobile phone data backup device prototype, and then make money by selling the patent, within a year to earn 2 million for the project."

"after the deep research to know, difficulties beyond imagination." Fang Yi told reporters that the various types of mobile phone are to achieve different styles of mobile phone synchronization software embedded chip, the program need to be reduced to 1/1000000, "the difficulty is like the elephant dance in the fridge".

in addition, originally planned to sell mobile phone manufacturers plan or technical cooperation plan has not made substantial progress, because no one firm dare to eat "head slobber". Waveguides have been interested in cooperation, but there is no agreement in the form and cost of cooperation, etc..


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