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Tianjin Binhai New Area explosion has caused 17 deaths

social safety accidents often cause great casualties and property losses, at the same time, usually have to beware of some social security incidents occurred, together with the large explosion is at midnight in Tianjin Binhai New Area wharf.

12, about 23:20, the international logistics center of Tianjin port area Ruihai company belongs to dangerous goods warehouse (private enterprises) explosion. Preliminary verification by the relevant units, the accident has caused 17 people were killed, 32 critically injured, the hospital was treated for observation and treatment of 283. 2 explosions occurred in the process of fire, resulting in some of the field personnel trapped, is still in full swing. Relevant person in charge has been controlled.

in the vicinity of the blast site, there are a lot of taxis and private cars to transport the wounded to the hospital for spontaneous treatment. Volunteers come to provide help. According to a person in charge of the scene, a lot of the location of the incident near the hotel to upload WeChat to provide free accommodation.

the explosion site south of less than 700 meters of water Vanke harbour owner Ms. Shao said the explosion at the recommended


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