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Online purchase identification of seven ways to cheat

in reality, however, there are still a lot of purchase of the scam, let alone now or so complex network. Although the network purchase a lot of advantages, the cost may be less, however, a mistake, is likely to be deceived, in this context, we only recognize the scam, can enter into a better goods. And here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce online identification of the seven ways to buy a liar, hoping to be helpful to the development of entrepreneurs.

online purchase is a new thing in recent years began to rise, development is not mature, but compared to the traditional channels of purchase of the purchase network has obvious advantages, not only can save the cost of buying goods, businesses can also increase in the purchase of goods selective. But at the same time, many operators began to reflect the encounter some swindlers.

With the popularity of

, e-commerce has developed rapidly, and online shopping has already formed a certain scale. But in the face of the Internet, a variety of inexpensive goods of every hue, shopping sites, businesses how to see through the crooks trick, avoid to be deceived? Here are some of the ways to identify cyber crooks.

1. website production is exquisite

the formal registration of company’s website will be very concerned about the image of the website, and the technical requirements of the site will be relatively high, the use of the website pictures and images are very concerned about the user experience, let the people first feel very good visual effect. And a lot of cheater website production is relatively rough, the page is simple, the icon is clumsy, let a person look very uncomfortable.

2. check business qualification

formal companies or businesses will be announced qualification certificate, registration number. If you do not disclose the company’s registration information, there may be problems. Businesses can inquire by telephone, the trade and Industry Bureau of some provinces and cities to provide online search methods.

3. check contact

merchants can view the vendor left contact information, the company address is specific. Regular supplier contact information will be very detailed. The general is a liar will not leave specific contact, or leaving a mobile phone number, and the detailed address is unknown, a fixed location, fixed telephone are not to your business, you dare to believe that his reputation?

4. observe business qualification

generally do not have a business license fraud website, you can ask them to show their business license and other confirmed. But be aware that some of the more clever liar website will also forged a business license with image processing software, when viewing the business license of the need to carefully identify, check whether there is altered.


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