There is a way to do business

no matter what we do, in fact, there is a "road" we need to comply with, of which, doing business is also true. In short, business, is also a kind of labor, its purpose is to make a profit, this without rebuke. But the gentleman’s love of money, in a proper way, the key lies in a gentleman’s love of money to make money to make sense, morality, Yan Daoyi. "A just cause enjoys abundant support. this phrase, an unjust cause finds scant support" for the competition in the market. We should do business like a gentleman to do things, to be a man, this is what I have been advocating for many years in business.

I live in a residential area belonging to an old residential area, the elderly are relatively more. Due to their children go out to work or go to work, the elderly who need to do some daily shopping. Every time as long as there is an inconvenience to the elderly to my store shopping, in addition to my patience to recommend the elderly for their items, but also free delivery to them, to provide them with the greatest convenience.

old people is generally more frugal, most elderly people would love to have 100 yuan money change slowly, flowers, but they were afraid to back against the counterfeit money in the street, so many elderly people are accustomed to me all the money for me. Every time I do not mind, in accordance with the requirements of the elderly to put their money for a good, check, and asked the old man put up money.

once, an old lady had two overlaps in the same place as a one hundred yuan of money to me, I did not pay attention to, when I found out, not unconscionable money, but a full house for a long time to find the old lady. Therefore, the elderly are particularly trust me, not only they become my hardcore consumers, but also dragged their children to my store consumption.

younger children to buy things alone, I will buy them safely cross the road. I remember once, a little boy with a one hundred yuan of money to buy toys, originally a pen can earn tens of dollars of "big business", but I quickly discovered that the boy looked flustered, hung up look, I conclude that this one hundred yuan will then ask the origin unknown. The child’s home address, the "boy" back home. Although I lost a deal, it was possible to save a child’s spiritual world". Care for the child’s bit by bit, but also won the praise and return of parents, over time, they have become my most loyal old customers.

to do business can not only make money so simple, especially there are some unscrupulous traders really unconscionable money. Open the door to do business, commodity prices, integrity priceless. In order to long-term development of the store, in addition to the quality of goods is guaranteed, but also give full play to their personality charm, so that customers trust you, so that more people become the store’s hardcore customers.


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