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Several big profits to make money industry secret

in today’s society, the ultimate goal of many people to entrepreneurship are actually making money to gain wealth, but there is no entrepreneurial direction and often will choose a lot of people in the business, in fact, in the society in which there are a lot of very profitable projects and businesses can choose, let’s take a look at.

1 real estate industry   real estate sector is the largest inflow of funds. The era of huge profits in real estate does not end, outdoor advertising real estate is the city skyline, a variety of rich list, real estate tycoons has occupied half of the country. In the hot seller’s market, the price of the house just by the developer’s mood, 10 thousand today, tomorrow may be sold to 10 thousand and 2. The listed companies in Xiamen, more than 1/3 enterprises / real estate. In many places, the country’s macro-control policies have not been eliminated, the local government has long been ready to, busy to give developers preferential deregulation, to purchase subsidies, which also shows the importance of real estate in local finance.

2 tobacco industry   if the industry does not make money, the state has long banned citizens from smoking, ha ha. Do not you see, big profits every year is the tobacco enterprise, from Hongta to Shanghai tobacco group, from the "double happiness" to "Septwolves", have made a great contribution to the national tax revenue, although each pack of cigarettes are written above: "smoking is harmful to health". There are about 3 smokers in china. 500 million   (which is equivalent to the total population of many countries), an average of one per person per day, can bring about 1/3 of China’s fiscal revenue. The treatment of workers in the tobacco industry has jumped to NO. 01, even the town of tobacco workstation also let many people like a flock of ducks.

3   in the financial industry; the loan had make people know that interest rates so high ah, it is hard to avoid making money! Due to the monopoly of the financial industry, the financial industry directly led to huge profits. This is not surprising, as long as we look at the bank deposit interest margin. The one-year deposit rate is 3. 5, while the loan interest rate is 6. 56, there is a profit, the profit of 87%, four state-owned bank profits doubled each year, and a number of small and medium-sized bank loans is more than 1 points of interest, in a blink of an earned 200% profit. The insurance industry is also a financial windfall, they can pull in the policy of what can be promised, which was a bit naive, when they have a total of ten thousand reasons to refuse.

4 perfume industry   beauty of the heart, there are people, perfume is quite a market. The perfume is in recent years many people especially young girls a consumer favorite, Valentine’s day, birthday, expression love all cannot do without a bottle of perfume recommended


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