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What aspects of maternal and child care market survey

peak hit, many entrepreneurs have to join the maternal and child supplies market, want to develop the industry’s amazing potential, and in the shop to do business, to do a good job in the market survey, then from where?

shop!Prior to the opening to do a market survey

less trouble!

, a market price survey: in Chinese business, can not avoid the price competition in the price of the product, as far as possible with the opponent flat, or a little bit cheaper, this work can be carried out in the renovation period.

two, the competitors: Chinese baby products market now is not to win-win cooperation level, first must take competitive position on the opponent position, since it is a competition, it must itself has, competitors survey is a very important link, otherwise you can’t make the purchase and publicity project related.

three, propaganda single production: either in color or black and white, is sure to send promotional materials.


five, buy car sales promotion: This is a new shop for promotional items




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