Zhuge fish join details

now the fish in the food industry has been regarded as a set of delicious and health in a delicious food items. Of course, consumers like, investors will favor. Fish, fresh fish with vegetables and spices with homemade secret grilled, think people are unable to hide greeds. Zhuge fish in this fish as the main products, other products, halogen, perfume, fish cuisine boutique series by delicious grilled fish, with elegant environment, Zhuge fish always attract a large number of consumers are attracted to. In addition Zhuge fish for the franchisee to provide a variety of stores, you can choose the most suitable join types according to their actual situation.

learn the details to join

Zhuge fish

Zhuge fish join conditions:

– passion for fish business, is willing to actively invest Zhuge fish cause.

– Zhuge fish identity management idea, obey the headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of the operation of the market, law-abiding, standardized operation.


has the good faith business reputation, self-motivated, dedication, creativity and entrepreneurship.

– to maintain the Zhuge fish enterprise brand image.

– willing to participate in the headquarters of systematic training and reasonable suggestions for the Department to accept.

Zhuge fish join process:

– telephone consultation, website, fax.

have a clear intention to cooperate, field visits to the company headquarters, with the interview.

– set the letter of intent.

– signed a cooperation contract.


cooperation franchisee to pay franchise fees and other expenses, the entry into force of the seal.

– marketing training, technical training.


store location, store decoration.

the procedures required for business.


company staff recruitment and technical management personnel in place, training, logistics and distribution, the stagnation point guidance.

– Official business.

Zhuge fish join advantage:

1, brand advantage


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