How to open a good pot shop

set up shop and open a good shop is a big difference, if you want to open a good shop, naturally also need managers to pay more efforts, and to hold more business skills. So, how to open a good dry pot shop? Today’s dry pot shop is also very common, then, ready to invest in the people to open the pot shop, this is to listen to small series for you to analyze the introduction, to see a good dry pot shop you need to practice what skills!

how to open a good pot shop? To carefully study the related formula of dry pot and continue to be improved, focusing on changes of innovative dry pot, especially dry pot Weidie allocation should be diversified in dry pot processing of raw materials, no chemical additives, natural hair appeared dry pot processing raw materials in the season, at any time for dry pot of dry pot of health and nutrition knowledge of basic knowledge, and the dry pot production costs and profit idea etc..

how to open a good pot shop? Observe the customer’s response, collect information feedback, improve the quality of dry pot. As in the traditional dry pot can change out of proportion and seasoning spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy and different flavor, different star said, for consumers to choose dry pot raw materials can be divided into large, small, for customers to choose.

how to open a good pot shop? Personal skills including the ability to qualify for a work, such as the usher will introduce guests including seats, and introduces the characteristics of dry cleaners to clean up the pot, pot table, floor, doors and windows, shop, lobby and a clean and sanitary cleaning, dishes, pots, dishes including chopsticks cleaning Buyer including dry pot material purchase, into the library, classification and so on.

how to open a good pot shop? The service personnel are classified according to the training of proficient and novice respectively, mainly from the occupation morals, laws and regulations, service etiquette, restaurant service, dry pot dishes introduction, knowledge, catering, catering, health service skills, flexibility, emergency treatment and other aspects.

no one chose to do poineering work shop, will want to own a shop by many consumers, the business of the shop can truly realize the booming. However, the realization of such a goal naturally requires operators to do their work in place. Despite the brief introduction of the above, but for the operation of the dry pot shop, whether you help?


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