Novice shop to keep in mind four points

for a novice, the shop is actually a business trouble, do a good job can be easily, do not, it is difficult to let the business on track. New open shop venture, the first 3 months of the most difficult, how to get out of business bad circle? Senior shopkeepers share four points.

The first point is:

. The principle of master

select shop business, must be prepared to fight a protracted war rations. A lot of people in the early preparation is insufficient, did not think how long? How long can boil? Or how long it will take the store to give up, give up.

1. recommended six months to 1 years to support the psychological preparation of the chain

After the well prepared to fight a protracted war in the process of

, boil, you can start one by one to exclude the impact factors of the business, the most important point is the analysis of these factors, repeat.

2. adjustment of more than 300 questions to be considered qualified

if repeat ratio can account for more than 50%, so that products meet market stores. When you improve, you know where the problem is.

second points behind the success: in addition to achievement, and the eternal spirit of

1. is looking for support to continue the spiritual food of

After the boil

and then he faced a mentality of the first shop process, do a thorough understanding, and listen to their advice to you, you will find a lot before you understand are overdone.

2. accumulated 5 successful shop experience


if you visit the shop success, each person gives you 5 suggestions, then the 5 person is 25 suggestions, this is their experience and the lesson of blood, to.


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