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Daily topics Suning PPTV acquisitions drama ended Su Ningcheng’s largest shareholder

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 29th news, Suning and PPTV spread for more than six months of scandal finally fell the curtain. Suning joint $420 million Hony Holdings PPTV. Suning invested $250 million, accounting for 44% of PPTV shares, becoming the largest stock. Hony capital to the PPTV investment of $170 million, representing approximately 30% of the shares.


for this transaction, the industry are not surprised, announced only a matter of time. But it is difficult for someone to be able to clearly understand the system, Suning in the end what to buy PPTV. In fact, for now, Suning and PPTV, in addition to the money, it is difficult to match the demand from the essential logical find and PPTV.

Suning and Lenovo Hirotake, bought all the shares of PPTV in addition to founding management team, can only be interpreted as, Suning in transition to its radical Internet strides, buy a future, a possibility in the future to seize the opportunities, of course, can also be said to be PPTV to Suning drew a cake PPTV, to start first for the "living room" of the pit. Living room, no doubt all the Internet giant to grab the next site. And as their own Internet companies Suning naturally can not give up. The ecological construction, not even a short duration of time, apple, today also failed to integrate video into their environment, many domestic manufacturers are also in the expectation and exploration of the road.


since its inception in 2005, PPTV’s "gossip" has multiple versions, media reviews, "gossip" includes Youku, Baidu, Alibaba, Hunan TV and other heavyweights, but ultimately chose the bigwigs and not too detached suning. In response to the reason, Tao Chuang pointed out that the Internet industry is from the virtual service to the real life, the integration of online and offline economy is becoming the development trend of the industry, Su ningyun embrace the Internet development strategy in full compliance with the. Tao Chuang said at the press conference, PPTV can be leveraging Su ningyun 3500 stores under the line resources flow and expand the brand, terminal and service. But this does not seem to be able to do only Suning, PPTV most care about or can not maintain their own independent development

PPTV choose Suning? The most direct reason is that apparently, after missing several rounds of capital cooperation, short-term opportunity not listed and sustained financial support of PPTV, it is difficult to adhere to the independent development in the case, to supplement the new financing cash flow. In Suning investment, changes in the structure of shareholders, the future of PPTV can also choose to market in the domestic A-share market A. Business, PPTV had previously stressed the video live and media platforms, Suning Appliance and 3C product hardware, can help promote the content of the PPTV.

PPTV is seen as the last piece of high-quality video industry to compete for resources, with the completion of the transaction, the video industry


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