Personal website when going out

after more than two months of winter, personal website finally look forward to a ray of light. For individual users to close the ".Cn" domain name registration to open again, the individual has the authority to open the site for the first time a positive response to the official. However, in the face of some of the specific rules of the site for the record, many personal website owners seem worried. However, with the concern about NPC and CPPCC "during the CPPCC members on the small website development and the government departments of the state," the end of hills and rivers no doubt "the grassroots webmaster seems to usher in the There is a way out".

can do network to webmaster hope

Internet campaign is designed to find the Internet, mobile phone pornographic pornographic information, the purpose is to exclude, delete blocking, not a personal website." In March 8th, the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong said, in the Internet regulation during the existence of overkill approach, but not completely blocked the personal website.

last December, the Ministry of industry and other nine ministries jointly carry out the regulation of the Internet and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information special operations in the country, some of which can be described as severe remediation action: first Chinese hitherto unknown Internet Information Center called.Cn domain name of the personal registration, then the provinces Internet access to basic services to the room the different degrees of "all-round blockade room investigation measures, once part of the domain name registration services and implementation of the registered user white list system, that is not through the domain name registration audit, not access Internet service. A series of remediation measures once small and medium-sized websites that have questioned Starving people fill the land., the Ministry of the comprehensive ban personal website.

in the bleak wind, struggling to stick the individual stationmaster finally see hope. In February 23rd this year, the Ministry to Ofcom issued a "further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") of the notice specified individuals and units can be used as the site sponsor, but the site sponsor must pass the identity information to audit. This is the first time that an individual has the right to launch a website.

minister Li Yizhong’s position and the introduction of the program, the personal webmaster is undoubtedly a good news. Some commentators are optimistic that the "program" clear "individuals can set up a web site, and domain name registration authority" is the website offering necessary condition and operation of the "program" introduced may be the starting point for the Ministry to consider making "officially open personal domain name registration" policy and the introduction of.

record for the new regulations provoke webmasters disgusted

Although the "

program" introduced so many stick to their ideals and interests of individual owners to the spring, but the specific implementation is to let them feel the chill of early spring, attracted some owners complain and resentment. Filing system is relatively good, can effectively prevent illegal content, help purify the Internet environment from the source." An industry source said, in fact, many of the owners have some views on the record, not for


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