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Product Hunt this site has only 1 employees melt 6 million

[Abstract]Product Hunt is similar to the app store recommendation, the biggest feature is to recommend new and interesting new APP.


technology news (Han Yimin) in mid September, the APP Product Hunt website recommend sharing the famous Silicon Valley venture capital Andreessen Horowitz company (hereinafter referred to as "A16Z") brought A $6 million round of financing investment, but this time from its got $1 million seed round of investment after January.

two months easily get two financing Product Hunt and application store recommended maximum function is similar, APP recommend new interesting for users. This page is extremely simple, new applications according to the number of votes in descending order, click on the application name can jump to the APP web site, registered users can vote and comment on these applications, application developers will also be invited to come to communicate with other people.

the daily attention best new APP ranking website not only within two months easily received two investment and has become one of the developers, media people and many investors will go to the Silicon Valley in New York. The reason can be quickly recognized that, Product Hunt application store to select and recommend a large number of applications, and the development of its recommendation mechanism can effectively ensure the fairness of information screening.

professional selection + public recommendation

in the Product Hunt before the new APP to rapidly improve the visibility in addition to good products, most still need a period of time hard operation and promotion, may also need a little luck by celebrities use and spread, and then enter the vision of more people.

Product Hunt is the best of the new APP extension provides a more convenient channel, because Product Hunt is a number of investors, developers are concerned, if the new APP can appear in the Product Hunt, it means that it has appeared in the eyes of many investors. This is undoubtedly a shortcut.

to be present in the Product Hunt information flow need to go through the following processes.

first, it needs to be recommended by professionals. In Product Hunt all users, only 2% of people have recommended qualifications, they by professional investors, founder, designers, Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover also designed the invitation mechanism to attract more professionals to recommend.

is recommended by professionals, APP will be presented in the Product Hunt information flow, if it can attract enough votes, it will be ranked the most popular new APP top. Developers can communicate with users on the site, to accept a variety of questions.

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