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How to look at the results of the network letter to Baidu

May 9, 2016 evening, the survey lasted a week later, the National Network letter office joint investigation team announced the results of the investigation stationed in Baidu. The investigation team believes that Baidu search relevant keywords ranking results objectively medical treatment had an impact on Wei Zexi, Baidu bidding mechanism has paid too high, the weight problem of bidding business promotion label is not clear, the impact of the search results of the fairness and objectivity, easy to mislead users, must immediately rectification.

after the news came out, the views of different users, it was considered appropriate to dispose of, it was also believed to be too loose for Baidu. If purely from the point of view of punishment, the results of the investigation does not seem to do enough Network letter office. But the problem is to look at the overall situation, as I said in the article, Baidu, in the event of armed police Zexi Wei two hospital and other regulatory authorities need to bear the responsibility, as for how to share the responsibility, will have to see whether the future in-depth research and investigation team to identify.

the findings of this investigation, it is clear that the parties are not responsible for the impact of the problem is unclear, and even can be said that the network does not have the right to do the investigation team to determine the responsibility of parties. Therefore, the results of this investigation ultimately found only Baidu product defects, such as bidding mechanism is not reasonable, promotion label is not obvious, and put forward 3 specific rectification requirements: immediate comprehensive rectification medical type business promotion services, the deadline for changes of PPC mechanism and establish the mechanism to protect the rights and interests of netizens Xianhengpeifu etc.. These measures can look for is a temporary emergency plan type.

but if you do not believe that the network to do the investigation team did not realize the loopholes in the regulatory system, then it really completely misunderstood them. In fact, in addition to pointing out the problems of Baidu, the proposed rectification opinions, the investigation results also do not have any other more important information. It will confirm the search service in the country to carry out special treatment in the near future, accelerate the introduction of "Internet information search service management regulations", to promote the search service management legalization and standardization; and in conjunction with the relevant departments to crack down on Internet communication of medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare products related to people’s lives and health and safety of the false information, false advertising and other illegal illegal behavior. State Administration for Industry and Commerce will accelerate the introduction of the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising to further regulate the order of the Internet advertising market.


related management system has been introduced, will make more water but no one is responsible for the situation has improved. Among them, the Internet information search service management regulations, the introduction of the confusion before the search service for standardized management. The State Administration for Industry and commerce to speed up the introduction of the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising, but also hinted that the future will be the promotion of the network to promote the inclusion of competition in the scope of advertising management. The only problem is that the national health and Family Planning Commission did not make a clear statement on the conditions of medical and drug advertising on the network. If you can be like Google Adwords advertising requirements, drug advertising must first obtain the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States pharmacy Council (NABP) recognition


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