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Zhang Jiakun Tencent big portal small portal strategy behind

Tencent portal + small portal strategy behind

Dacheng network: morning laugh, business worries, Huaxi silence

Zhang Jiakun / text

Tencent portal + small portal strategy until now, has successfully launched the great Yu net, Xi’an net, large Tencent into three local portal. Before the introduction of the local portal I did not experience, I as a large network of direct audience, so I really experienced the spread of the network into a large effect. The strategy of Tencent are what brought to local portals, media and audience? Here we are from his all levels of analysis (I on network is very familiar with, so here’s to Dacheng network as a case to analyze).

first: we analyze its sources of information

as a portal his source of information is very important, Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen as far as possible access to local interviews in Chengdu to obtain information, there is no need to spend so much cost. He only needs to make use of his advantage of audience and brand value to local portal, where traditional media joined under the flag of Everfount offers free information, can be said to the network headquarters less than 3 editors can complete all of Chengdu Tencent users Dacheng network information needs in Tencent.

in the long term observation found in Tianfuzaobao with net work more closely, many reporters interview directly can appear on the online. The Chengdu business daily, Huaxi Dushi Bao and other information are reproduced, and some are from Sichuan online (Sichuan daily group portal). Here we only talk about the main sources of information, other small information sources do not study. Therefore, several major traditional media for information security, you can make a big portal Tencent + portal strategy to achieve success.

secondly: we analyze his information audience

QQ wide audience without controversy, can be said that 98% of Internet users have QQ. This broad audience of people with their own brand value can directly attract local traditional media in Chengdu to join the media partners. Give me the most real feeling is when we start to work QQ, soon Tencent news window will pop up automatically in a few seconds, a panoramic view of news and information network, but also all is hot, eye-catching information. Here’s a bit of my personal experience: I didn’t pay too much attention to the news, especially the local news. But the news is also happening in our side of the news, I think 75% of the Internet users in Chengdu will be attracted by the news window and click into the. Therefore, his audience will not have to doubt, and the click rate is particularly high.

third: why do some of the traditional media in Chengdu have a positive reaction to


this time we talked about the competition, we mentioned earlier Tianfuzaobao positive response, Chengdu daily response in general, WCC and Tencent to engage in the WCC title of the community.

why Tianfuzaobao positive



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