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SAC interviewed 10 electricity supplier pledge to implement the 7 days no reason to return

today, the new "consumer protection law" (hereinafter referred to as the "law") has been formally implemented for 4 months, however, the new law in the new online shopping 7 days no reason to return but not well implemented.

recently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Consumers Association convened China Alibaba (scroll information) group, Jingdong mall, shop No. 1 of 10 enterprises to conduct interviews, interviews with the main content is the electricity supplier pledge, and urge enterprises to fulfill their electricity supplier "law" in the "no reason to return requirement.

According to the requirements of the

administration, participation of 10 enterprises interviewed to conduct self correction within 30 days, the 7 days no reason to return to be seriously implement the provisions in the business activities.

no reason to return to maintain the right to go back to

last October, the NPC Standing Committee adopted an amendment to the "law" of the decision, the consumer protection in the online shopping and other new consumption patterns can be reflected more consumers can be no reason to return within 7 days through the Internet and other ways to buy the product, and without justification.

in February this year, SAIC announced the network transaction management approach, reiterated within 7 days no reason to return requirements. In March 1st this year, the revised "law" formally implemented.

, however, the provisions of the law in the implementation process has encountered difficulties.

not long ago, SAIC released the first half of 2014, the main market development, market regulation, consumer rights basic situation shows that in the first half of this year, the implementation of this rule is not very smooth. From the analysis of electronic business platform is more concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou five city 12315 Center for accepting the demands of the online shopping, associated with the new "law" of the 1380 complaints involving 7 days no reason to return 741 complaints, accounting for associated with the new "law" 53.69% of the total complaints.

Director, general office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

spokesman Yu Fachang said, "no reason to return within 7 days" to "eliminate" the resulting consumer disputes continue.

in this interview meeting, SAIC Consumer Protection Secretary Yang Hongcan said that the electricity supplier industry in the implementation of the 7 days no reason to return the 3 common problems of the relevant provisions, do not apply no reason to return the product labeling is not obvious, the shopping process lacks confirmation process one of the lead create confusion when consumers buy, the consumer business enterprise made a unilateral interpretation not recognized; the electricity supplier companies will goods in good condition is equivalent to not affect the two sale, return standards are too stringent, leading consumers to return the long cycle and low efficiency return multiple disputes; some shop operators for various reasons no reason not to perform return obligations, the third party platform failed to fulfill management responsibilities.

Yang Hongcan believes that the "law" provisions of the "7 days no reason to return the system is to protect the consumer.


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