Public comment or over 100 million financing

                February 28th, directors, senior vice president Long Wei in an interview that the Sohu IT, is indeed financing, will be bigger than before all domestic financing and group purchase website. The reliable sources said that this round of financing amount of at least $100 million. Specific financing information will be announced soon.

although Long Wei did not disclose the investors in this round of financing, but he also said that the participation of the public comment network investment is a long-term investor, they are consistent with the concept of public comment. According to industry analysts, the public comment on the huge scale of this round of financing, and even more than some of the company’s IPO financing scale, I believe this is the last round of public comment before the listing of financing.

according to the information disclosed by the public comment network, the company has achieved profitability in 2008, revenue reached $30 million in 2010. As early as last year, there was news that the public comment is starting the listing plan. And this degree of public comment to accept private investment rather than public offering, is also considered to be a large-scale investment, the layout of the market to buy signs.

talking about why not pick up in the capital market of IPO, Long Wei said, for the purposes of public comment listed is not the goal, he believes that in the next few years, public comment will have a more substantial market value of listed companies is a process of natural growth in the process.

according to the statement of the dragon, this year is indeed a rapid development of public comment network, and one of the key expansion of the business is to buy. It is reported that, at present, the public comment buy business is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and other 8 tier cities, and this year, the group will rapidly expand its business to the country’s twenty or thirty cities. At the same time, the public comment network will invest 2 – 300 million yuan for marketing, to enhance the group buying business.

in fact, as early as last year, there have been rapid expansion of the group buying site announced the establishment of hundreds of cities in the country to buy business, while the expansion of public comment is somewhat slow compared to. In this regard, Long Wei explained: buy site in the early stages of rapid expansion of business is easy to produce problems. Because of the limited resources and manpower, a lot of group purchase website had to establishment of sub stations in the country by the way of agency, the controllability of this mode of operation is small, have a negative impact on the group purchase website brand is very easy. Last year, the main focus of public comment on the accumulation of experience, including the operation of the law and the exploration of elite talent training. This year, the public comment will copy the experience to other cities, however, the public comment will be mainly to take the direct mode, the possibility of looking for agents in the local model is smaller."

with the handle and other sites get huge financing, Groupon entered the China, fierce competition has been in the reign of terror group purchase market. For the group to buy the market competition pattern, Long Wei believes that after this year’s reshuffle, buy site save >


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