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China is suffering from disaster the international community is doing

when 2004 was known as the "century plague" in Indonesia earthquake and tsunami natural disasters, Chinese as a developing country, in India Ocean tsunami relief process, China of the affected country provides a rapid, sustained, comprehensive and effective rescue, not only to provide $60 million 500 thousand, also sent by the outside world praised as "Chinese rescue team medical rescue capability is the medical team first class" and the relief items of $2 million 600 thousand.

China has launched a mechanism to raise aid to other countries, an unprecedented mechanism in china. China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a notice through the major media, asking the public to give love, for Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and other areas were hit by the December 26th tsunami. The agency said, in any case, the state and the people of the affected people Chinese always sympathetic, always actively donated money for them." In this report praises Chinese efe.

now, let’s take a look at these international acclaim, as affected countries over Chinese, when China themselves under natural disasters, when located in China southwest of Sichuan earthquake disaster, and lead up to 13 days 19 when the disaster killed 12012 people, 9404 people were buried in the ruins, 7841 when people are missing, 26206 people were treated, what to do in the international society?

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman 14, said: "Chinese occurred after the earthquake disaster, many countries and regions, including Japan, Britain, Romania, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, the United States, European Union, Israel, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Spain, Germany, Russia, Romania, Laos, Ross, South Korea, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Kampuchea Singapore, Chile, France, Tunisia, Holland, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other government leaders and relevant government agencies, expressed condolences to the Chinese government leaders and relevant departments, some international institutions have also been proposed to aid the wishes of."

this official statement to us the meaning is clear, that is, a lot of sympathy for the country, but the country is willing to provide timely help rarely. Willing to immediately and promptly went to the disaster area to give the actual disaster of relief in the country is very rare. We do not count on the support of these so-called international friends, as mentioned in a letter of condolence to Beijing, "I believe that the Chinese people can rely on their own to overcome the disaster." But whatever the reason, this period is after all, China’s Sichuan is suffering from a rare earthquake disaster. As of this morning, the core area of Wenchuan earthquake rescue work is still difficult to expand. We lack too much, drinking water, medicines, quilts, and the epidemic that will soon follow. At this time of Wenchuan, no matter where you are today, we have to do a Wenchuan. More power to join, you can save a life! So, this time to show the value of the two countries of Russia and Australia,




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