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315 amazing shady mobile telephone fraud push Unicom selling customer information

    A5 nets (admin5.com) March 15th evening news, "consumption in the sun" 315 party once again reveals the "reality" of the destruction of power, every day received dozens of telephone harassment? Even a WiFi bank card stolen brush? In your knowledge of your identity has been used as money laundering and fraud…… They are hidden behind the amazing scenes.

editor for you to sort out the 2015 3.15 party exposure of Internet related information:

public WiFi

CCTV 315 party scene at the scene to invite the audience and the three professional network security personnel to play the role of hackers, hackers demonstrated the use of free WiFi network to steal the user’s e-mail account and password process.


users log on to the Internet using WiFi, to go through the corresponding gateway, and provide the source of the WiFi can use the gateway to listen to the user on the internet. PC and the Internet is different, mobile phone internet packets sent most is not encrypted, so easy to get caught crack.

was hijacked, the user’s privacy will be exposed, but this does not mean that the password is cracked directly. However, once the account is hijacked for users of online shopping and other more important accounts, once the password is expressly cracked, it is likely to suffer greater losses.

CCTV suggested that in order to ensure the safety of personal information, try not to use in public places do not need a password free wifi. As far as possible the use of businesses with a password WiFi network. In addition to the use of mobile phones to pay the account or send the best time to turn off the phone WIFI function, the use of mobile phones 3G, 4G data traffic operations.

harassing phone calls

telephone harassment day ten? The other side also posing as police and bank fraud, who is behind? "Telephone harassment" for three consecutive years to become the 315 exposure in tonight’s topic, 3· 15 party, CCTV exposure to the industry insider.


According to reports, China Mobile

party, China CTT provides support to telephone harassment, even to the "10086, 110" green light for such telephone fraud, telephone fraud false calling number display, are allowed to pass through.

in addition, there are other kinglun technology specialized technology company, to provide all kinds of support calling number.

real name system useless


operator "in a flagrant way" and Chinese Unicom, in order to impact performance at the end of the year, China Unicom staff secretly by consumers to leave "


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