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King of enterprise marketing enhance the conversion rate

many companies have moved on the Internet to build its own website, but most of them did not get the expected profit, no transmission site has no value, there is no communication conversion website, also did not reach the expected value, exposure rate and conversion rate will be the key to realize the value of the spread of enterprise website.

with the development and differentiation of Internet market diversification, the search engine has been the core of marketing communication network, covering more than 95% of Internet users through search engines, how to carry out online marketing communication, is the key for the enterprise to achieve online business.

companies need not only need SEO (search optimization), we need more SEM (Search Marketing), the core of the search optimization is to optimize the site search engine weight, website keywords ranking. Search marketing is the core for potential customers, more the more "way" (words or statements more) to quickly find the enterprise can realize the opportunities for cooperation, the definition of keywords or statement is a potential customer on the expression of the purchase demand, only the effective search engine marketing, in order to bring more customers. How to get more prospective customers to find us, is the effective implementation of search marketing value, everyone (potential customers) in different culture, different, different levels of knowledge, expression of demand are also different.

actually want to improve the site keywords ranking is very simple, as long as we do the following steps can be achieved, with the example of Beijing website construction.

1, the website home page Title title should include "Beijing website construction" the key words, the better the location.

2, the website home page, should appear more "Beijing website construction" this keyword, keyword density should be 2%-8%.

3, the establishment of a high quality anti link, the link in the title of the best with the Beijing website construction, the link is the best form of one-way links, you can use the cross link method. Example: < a href=www.fytpjy.cn> keyword < /a>  

4, in addition to the construction of the chain, the site of the relevant channels or content page, you can also use the above method to increase the internal link.

above, the enterprise marketing channel is the key to enhance the conversion rate, you might have different views on some of my explanation, here you can welcome message to tell me, I can tell you I promise is a must see each comment, welcome you and SEOer make friends. My QQ:274821031


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