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Adsense network broadcast Baidu online speed search mode to see the training industry behind the hug

1 Baidu speed search mode online search speed to speed up to 10 times the fastest need only 0.03 seconds

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 6th news, Baidu search new on-line speed search. It is understood that the speed of search engines can speed up to 10 times faster than the response time of only 0.03 seconds to get search results.

2 [storm win business] crazy WeChat training: enter the half a year to buy a house!  

wants to be rich, not bad. But the rich hopes in the overnight, and less from unearned, is a big problem. An endless stream of "rich training class", all kinds of "rich master", is in this kind of social mentality with a certain universality. Reporters unannounced visits to this "master Chen WeChat rich training class", is typical of a certain extent. In addition to master Chen, there are people who have made a fortune, unknown. But we believe that there must be a dream not to come true, but the people who broke the wealth.

if there is a "business model", on the fingertips hair micro channel can easily millionaire, you believe that? If there is a training, will not receive a penny of this "business model" to teach you, do you believe? Whether you believe it or not, this kind of training is now a national the city quietly set up.

3 price of 500 million dollars from Tencent into the Jingdong will be packaged with

electricity supplier

news March 6th, billion state power network from informed sources, the Tencent investment Tencent that has settled, the Tencent offered $500 million, and the electricity supplier’s business plan will be gradually merged into the Jingdong system.

To continue fermentation from

Tencent capital Jingdong news spread like wildfire, seems to have been an open secret in the industry. It also attracted a lot of criticism and speculation. Among them on the specific amount of investment and the proportion of shares, there are different opinions.

4 biography Alibaba has been granted private banks pilot quota will be issued after two sessions

market long-awaited mainland private banks will be fruits fall off when ripe according to the great wisdom news agency, news, authoritative sources, Zhejiang province two pilot places the first batch of private banks: one is the Lord initiated by the CHINT group, Wenzhou Huafeng Group, more than a dozen private enterprise shares of private banks, another pilot places for the network bank, the quota for the Alibaba.

private banking pilot is awaiting approval of the CBRC, the industry is expected, after two sessions will be issued by the time window of the private banking license.

5 news millet 3S phone will be officially released in April 9th

during the Spring Festival, there is news that millet 3S will be released in April this year, but also exposed some of the parameters of the machine. > and


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