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Ali chief of staff Ceng Ming Uber no network effect but a platform economy

Uber is probably the fastest growing company ever. Founded six years, its market value has climbed to $62 billion 500 million. What’s more, the company has produced a huge social demonstration effect. For a time, the word Uber began to appear like Google semantic change, no longer refers to the company, but a kind of beyond tradition, a new business model – shared economy. "Uber in certain fields" has become a hot word in the whole society. No wonder, Uber model is widely sought after by investors entrepreneurs copy.


layman watch, experts see road. More profound understanding of the reasons for the success of Uber, the challenges may face, the factors that must be considered when copying, for many entrepreneurs, investors significant.

model of intelligent business success

Uber in the shared economic success, we are very familiar with. But the success of this shared economic model, in fact, is built on the basis of data intelligence. There are a lot of good ideas to share innovation, difficult, because of the lack of breakthroughs in this area, can not create enough value.

Uber transforms a traditional industry into an intelligent business based on data and algorithms. Due to the popularity of mobile Internet (intelligent mobile phone becomes extremely cheap, real-time map service GPS is accurate enough), the location information of passengers and drivers can be real-time online; and the cloud computing and artificial intelligence / machine learning development, makes the real-time matching massive passengers and vehicles (drivers) possible. Only this one, both passengers and drivers enjoy efficient and convenient, far more than the traditional taxi industry.

addition, Uber also introduced a market mechanism to change the original pricing system. Peak price increases, leading passengers to express their needs in different ways of bidding, thus breaking the rigidity of traditional pricing. This is a typical way to solve social problems in a market-oriented way.

continues to reduce the waiting time of passengers (through most of the city’s average waiting time of less than 4 minutes) by continuously improving the intelligent matching algorithm Uber. By improving the utilization rate of vehicles, drivers in the maintenance of income at the same time, to reduce the price, to further expand the number of passengers, so as to attract more drivers to join, the formation of a rapid development of a positive feedback loop. This can also be seen from the composition of the staff of Uber. Engineers account for more than half of employees, and there is a very luxurious algorithm team.

at the same time, in the United States, most of the traditional taxi in the supply of a serious shortage of the city (often subject to license restrictions), the result of high prices. On the other hand, it is a high car ownership, serious social resources idle. Uber allows ordinary people and private cars can provide taxi service, led the development of the shared economy.

more than the sum of several, that is, Uber created a huge business value, and reduce the waste of social resources. >


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