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Jingdong’s system of argument understand the technology of Liu Qiangdong so that technology has beco


the Jingdong once again triggered widespread concern. At the start of the year from Oracle joined CTO Wang Yaqing has recently left for personal reasons, and that the director of Jingdong yesterday, open platform vice president Zhang Shouchuan may leave, but also to the science and technology Tencent Jingdong official confirmed that Zhang Shouchuan in charge of the business has been placed under the direct supervision of Jingdong CMO blue ye.

Jingdong this year, there have been a number of high-level resignation. Previously, senior vice president in charge of public relations affairs Wu Sheng, vice president of strategic development for the second floor of the earth, responsible for logistics and warehousing, vice president of Jiang Haidong have also left. This also allows outsiders to doubt, such a challenge can Suning, Tmall, why continue high-level turnover continuously. The CTO Wang Yaqing leave, behind the adjustment of the and what kind of strategy hidden Jingdong.

industry had to Tencent technology pointed out that the Jingdong is a fast growing company, growing up in love with some big companies occupation managers, but there are in use, large companies often feel occupation managers may not be able to adapt to the development of the company, in the process of exploration and adjustment.

not long ago, Jingdong CMO Lanye told the Tencent interview said the rapid development of science and technology, Jingdong these years, staff recruitment quickly, some management system initially formed, but somewhat lacking in the process norms, the future Jingdong will strengthen the training and improve occupation skills, and improve the management system, through the fine the operation will make the operation more health Jingdong.

however, blue Ye yesterday did not of the Jingdong’s two top adjustment to make a positive response, Wang Yaqing and Zhang Shouchuan and the Tencent technology connection also said he inconvenience statement.

technology consulting Tencent Jingdong senior chart was informed that, as a number of more than 20 thousand companies, the internal management of many Jingdong, to more than 20, among them, VP with SVP, SVP and CXO, and then to reach the level of CEO. Earlier reports said, Liu Qiangdong talked about a vice president had said: "he and I have 2 levels." He also forthrightly that Jingdong need fresh blood, leaving one or two executives is a normal phenomenon, has always been my old legs.

is a business to Tencent technology deep throat revealed that this adjustment is bad for the Jingdong is not the end. CTO Wang Yaqing from Oracle, the application of a system is not very good in the development of Jingdong, the Jingdong system whether to switch Wang Yaqing and Jingdong original team differences, this is the important reason for leaving. Open platform under the jurisdiction of the CMO, but also makes the status of the open platform is more prominent, will become an important growth point of growth in the scale of Jingdong, Jingdong is likely to learn Taobao platform strategy.


Jingdong internal architecture diagram (picture)


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