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ResellerClub Asia’s largest domain name registrar

recently, from authoritative domain name evaluation agencies dotandco learned that the world’s top 10 domain name registrar, ResellerClub is the only domain name registrar from asia.


can be seen on the basis of the above data, in the top 10 of the registered companies, Godaddy is still ranked first in Asia, and also Resellerclub on the list, thus, Resellerclub is Asia’s largest domain registrar, from the statistical data published by the Resellerclub on the Resellerclub, domain name ownership of more than 3 million, far more than the population the amount of domestic registrars! Throughout the world 236 countries and regions, more than thousands of host, domain agents and web design company, to achieve profitability through their agent system.

Resellerclub to enter the market after the launch of China, Chinese station http://s.www.resellerclub.com/cn, a series of measures to support Alipay caused a stir in China, is one of the few foreign host support Alipay domain name provider (other IXWebhosting Godaddy HostEase). Many promotional activities for the majority of agents feel the agent with fun, Asian Games held, Resellerclub situation, the timely introduction of.Asia domain name registration activities, once launched, the registration is hot, the preferential highest price as high as 65%! And its unique generation mode also let people find everything fresh and new, four levels, each level enjoy different preferential, the highest discount of up to 200 United States agency.

Resellerclub proxy mode and promotion way is to make it become a powerful tool in Asia’s largest domain registrar, ResellerClub own strength to believe that everyone is obvious to people, this is perhaps the ResellerClub can cause the world’s top 10 success, but also the biggest reason can become a domain name provider in asia.


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