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To solve the last mile of O2O is the POS machine

2014, O2O for the transformation of the traditional offline industry has gradually penetrated into the end of the business network, a large number of community stores, street food began to be really incorporated into the Internet system.

giants are working on it. Jingdong in the community Jingdong O2O try to hurry – this service is defined as "the most reliable Jingdong outside the community, users send" in early 9 to order at 8:30 in the evening, two hours to ensure goods delivery; public comment is hope that through cooperation with the ERP system of catering provider, to create "cloud restaurant", not only can complete the online booking. More important is the user consumer information and transaction information data, forming a closed loop O2O.

for this stage of the O2O industry, the biggest problem is that the Internet has spread at the user end, but online merchant side there is a huge gap in the neural network information is not complete at the end of the data, the O2O loop may lose.

"we thought for a long time, feel that the POS machine is likely to be transformed to complete this function." Li Yan said, micro wisdom panorama hope to use the Internet method to re invent POS.

micro wisdom panorama is currently providing service support for Jingdong fast. Single user information through the server, pushed to the terminal so that a similar machine POS, after confirming the orders, to have triple orders, one responsible for the goods inventory, one responsible for the co-ordination of price information, the other is the combination of user information and the amount of consumption. This enables mobile picking and information interaction, so as to enable Internet information and community stores open, the nearest pick, delivery, 2 hours to achieve the target.

in the past in the league system, the data network or the characteristics of the industrial age. All the data to a central point of exchange, this is a pyramid hierarchy mechanism, a clear focus, POS cannot exchange data between. This is obviously inefficient. The typical feature of the Internet era is the structure of the center, all POS should be turned from the end node. Between merchants and merchants can be exchanged between merchants and users is also interoperability. Merchants can exchange information through the business, so that businesses can cross marketing, sharing member data, mutual red envelopes, sharing data analysis. Such an electricity supplier companies and all use their APP businesses constitute a sub network. Different companies will produce different sub networks, so that the essence is to breed a new business data network, all of the businesses in theory, there is no omission to become a node of this commercial network."

In fact,

has also appeared in the Internet POS. Innovation company Poynt founder Osama Bedier has worked in Google and Paypal before, responsible for the development of Google wallet and Paypal payment. Now the entrepreneurial Poynt through the depth of customization Android, the formation of their own commercial version of OS, preloaded with open application market, businesses can find the mainstream market electricity supplier >


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