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What free promotion can become the ultimate weapon of website marketing

website marketing ability is a very important point of success is the effect of the promotion, if a website is not good to promote a good, it is very difficult to succeed, but there are many promotion methods, for individual webmaster, to use all these promotion methods you will feel that time is not enough however, in many of the promotion methods which truly brought to the site to help? But also need to be free, we are going to analyze these free promotion methods


first: soft Wen promotion method

for a web site, the promotion is a way to promote it, because the soft Wen has the characteristics of their own, that many people can be reproduced or pseudo original, as long as in the soft in each paragraph with appropriate increase your keywords, even if the original is false, that on their website is a kind of help, after all, to improve their website visibility and enhance the site’s brand, visible role of the soft is long, but now want to do soft Wen is a little difficult for individual owners, but as long as through learning and writing constantly, will be able to get good writing ability. In order to write high quality soft Wen, of course, if it is not, you spend money to let others write! So take the time to put on a good aspects of their


second: Forum promotion method


Forum promotion can also free, but need to spend time a lot of webmaster, may make you feel tired, but not necessarily what effect, but for some people, is coming and the forum, because the bubble in the forum through long time, slowly in a circle forum fame, so that nature can help their promotion in the forum to promote the forum inside the effect, the best way is to find a few large forum, but not everywhere, do not be targeted, resulting in the promotion effect of atrophy, as long as willing to strengthen the training of several forums, can promote posted in the forum, which is what works, for example, to the end of the world, promote mop.com or major website forum


third: video promotion method

you remember xuriyanggang spring video, also remember the Divine Comedy disturbed video, there is a video if bring great impact to people, often can let an unknown person become known to every family figure, visible video capacity is also very strong, and now DV all the time can buy, use the DV editing software is not so complicated, just take some time to learn it, it is easy to operate, the key is to find the video creative, how to build a people or joy or anger video, let a person suddenly able to remember your site


of course, if it is not found, it can also find some popular video clips for packaging, and then bring your own web site, you can submit to some free video website, still can bring you good.


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