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The end of the community user password was leaked involving 40 million users

Tianya user passwords leaked by hackers


        December 25th December 22nd after the largest developer community CSDN.NET user password hacking leak, on the afternoon of 25 well-known community site Tianya user privacy have been leaked by hackers, it is understood that the leak is the number of users reached 40 million.

The netizen told DoNews news that the well-known community website Tianya hacked

25 PM, there are 40 million users password been leaked by hackers, and before CSDN leaked information, the user password horizon is leaking all saved in plain text, but the number of large indeed staggering.


reporter in the first time to get in touch with the Tianya Tianya, according to the relevant person in charge, due to historical reasons, Tianya cleartext password used earlier, in November 2009 changed the password save way, change the encryption password, but some of the old plaintext password is not clear. The user has been leaked by hackers before November 2009 upgrade password by registered users, it is reported that Tianya currently has 60 million registered users, and the number of users reached more than 60% of the total leakage.

Tianya stressed that in May 12, 2011 the end of the world to upgrade the Tianya community user account management functions, the use of a strong encryption algorithm to solve the problem of the security of the Tianya community user accounts.

It is understood that in

, user privacy by hackers leak after Tianya has launched the emergency plan, through the station SMS, Email and all other effective means of connection to notify the user to change the password as soon as possible, but also to the public security organs have carried out. (end)

with Tianya community apology letter:

dear Tianya community user:

we are very sorry to inform you that recently due to hacker attacks, there are a number of sites, some of the user database leaked, Tianya is one of the victims of the site. In order to ensure your privacy and account security, in this, we urge you to amend the password for the account of the Tianya community as soon as possible. Please click the link below to reset the password: http://s.passport.tianya.cn/fp/fp.jsp

if you use the same password on other sites, please be sure to modify the update at the same time.

Tianya community has reported to the public security organs, public security organs are also investigating clues.

once again to express my deep regret to you!

statement on the Tianya community user account was leaked:

due to historical reasons, the end of the community has used a clear text password, the


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