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MT filing system is now a large number of loopholes in the domain name is deprived of the right to

recently, many customers reflect, just registered domain name can not go to the Ministry of industry website for the record, the reason is repeated submission. Due to the Ministry of filing application is fully developed, there are a small number of domain names to the domain name of the failure to give up until the expiration of the record, and then there will be more than registration phenomenon. But recently the situation has become more and more high probability, had to be suspect.

in order to find out the whole story, the author collected dozens of new applications and no record of the domain name, to the Ministry of filing website. I was surprised to find that these are all malicious domain name record, theme unit name: " do not put their own domain name when the domain name ", belongs to the provinces of Tibet, and a registered information hangs below the scores of a domain name, and is similar to the domain name, such as: aaa1.com, aaa2.com, aaa3.com. One that really is exhaustive, he has enough poison. I don’t have to spend 1 cents, estimated to develop a robot software, can limit the exhaustive submission of the domain name for the record, and so on, can not be estimated after the registration of the domain name record.

do not know if this is the Ministry of filing the policy of provocation, or on the webmaster deliberately. A new application domain, the record state is not for the record, a few yuan ocean just thrown into the water, who is to blame? The Ministry is not strange, we may blame the software company to develop a system for it, such a large loophole to timely repair, do at least one domain name ownership verification, to be submitted for the record.

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