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Dong Yingqun small and medium site owners profit will exceed 100 thousand

big game "hemp ball game alliance product meeting in March 12th was held in Holiday Inn Pudong Hotel, many domestic small and medium-sized site station to participate in the event, sharing website operation experience. Rushed network chief architect Dr. Dong Yingqun also published for the development of domestic small web views at the meeting, that "the birth of hemp ball game alliance" and "new generation alliance", will provide new opportunities for the development of small and medium-sized webmaster.


Dr. Dong Yingqun talk about the development of small and medium sites

survival state is grim, investigation of worrying situation of the development of DCCI China Internet, small and medium-sized site 66.3% site in 2009 annual revenue of more than 10 thousand yuan in revenue, 17.8% sites in 10 thousand -5 million, annual revenue in more than 100 thousand of the site is only 7.5%, there are 2/3 sites a year income below 10000 yuan. Dr. Dong Yingqun said, can be seen, because the site is not good, there are a lot of good web site is running away. Small and medium-sized site grassroots stations are mostly working during the day, go home at night to engage in the site, is not conducive to the creation of the site’s original content".

three factors restricting the development of small and medium sites

in the end what are the factors affecting the development of domestic small and medium sites Dr. Dong Yingqun met at the scene for many webmaster account. First, the lack of energy, due to the small and medium sites, the rate of return is not high, making the majority of small and medium-sized Web site owners are working with the site to take into account, relying solely on personal strength, limited energy investment. Second, the content of the website is scarce, the lack of more original content; and most web content is reproduced, the lack of competitiveness in the same site; third, to be a lot of traffic diversion; in the major trend of Web2.0, the user traffic is a large site with a large number of search engines to carve up the small and medium-sized websites without traffic sources. Dr. Dong Yingqun believes that small and medium sites must improve the creation of native content, increase the flow of more virgin, and strengthen cooperation with the new generation alliance. How to define the new generation of alliance for the interpretation of the "new generation of alliance," Dr. Dong Yingqun to take the traditional advertising alliance. For a small website in China, advertising alliance website is the main source of income, but the traditional alliance cooperation, although the site has brought benefits, but also will be the site of the flow away, not conducive to the long-term development of small and medium-sized websites. The ideal mode of alliance cooperation, advertising can bring benefits to the site, but also to retain the flow of the site, the game is a good example. Access gaming platform, the site is enough to get the world’s advertising is divided into, in this period, not only the flow of user traffic, but also enhance the site for the user stickiness. With the cooperation of the new generation of cooperation, small and medium site owners will get a lot of profit.


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