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The sex scandal cited industry slobber War two dating sites mutual recrimination

, according to voice of the economy, 13, a broke the fund industry executives by marriage network cheat color, micro-blog triggered the country’s two largest marriage website war of words. Lily network vice president Mu say micro-blog and shelled forwarding. Jiayuan "liar rampant"; then the escalation of the conflict, Jiayuan founder Gong Haiyan micro-blog (micro-blog) "false accusations of Lily and the real name system for selling user information". As of press time ago, the two sides still through the micro-blog event "loudspeaker".

company was founded in 2003, listed on the NASDAQ in May 2011; Lily network was established in 2005, December 2011 implementation of the "real name system" and do a lot of publicity.

the two sides conflict is a August 11th micro-blog "financial industry network" issued a fund industry executives through the company website of hundreds of women "Pianse", micro-blog also disclosed the executive unit, resume and photos with identity information.

Lily network vice president Mu say forwarding and comments: micro-blog is not easy company, we engage in a comprehensive real name system, many just staring at the company.

This caused

Jiayuan founder CEO Gong Haiyan dissatisfaction, she accused Lily in micro-blog: she accused lily on micro-blog with a fake name system "to deceive the media, consumers and investors, and the membership information to line matchmaking. Since then, the two sides began to mutual recrimination recrimination. Jiayuan public relations department vice president Zhou Zhongxiao told reporters, "lead crossfire Pianse" is being processed.

Zhou Zhongxiao: the man’s family is also looking for us to say that false information, there are some claims that the victim is a female friend to come to us, that can provide evidence. We are now on the information to do the finishing, internal communication to see what is the situation.

for the exchange of the two sides, lily, vice president of the network, said Mu, forwarding micro-blog and comment on his personal behavior. But the rest of the content.

Mu words: This is my personal statement, after the real name system, the liar does not fly more than 70% complaints fell. I have a friend in Guangdong, the public security departments, from the Guangdong area, the network received a few reports on lily, but the number of other web sites reported no reduction in the number of platforms.


aspects of the response, which dating websites have a liar, who also don’t say who.

Zhou Zhongxiao: This is nonsense. In various forums, we see Jiayuan information, also see Lily network members various information cheated. Mu said this thing, in fact, the fifty step is a hundred steps.

in micro-blog, Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan accused Lily network membership information to matchmaking, and indeed some words for the line agency cooperation, but this is normal business.

Mu say: we are the reliable local matchmaking agency cooperation in the establishment of Lily network service center, we have very strict monitoring system. In essence


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