WeChat paid by Red Raiders Alipay

Securities Times reporter Cai Kai


with "red envelopes" function in a short time quickly became popular, a WeChat Alipay wallet payment users to catch up with the rumors stirred the payment market, although rumors have exaggerated, but strong offensive WeChat use social attribute advantage "counter attack" Alipay has caused great concern in the market.

grab red card tied to bind customers

Monday night, WeChat began to spread a message, said that with the recently launched didi taxi and new year red envelopes, WeChat users to bind bank card has more than 100 million Alipay wallet. The message also mentioned that the WeChat team expects the number of users will double after the spring festival. However, the rumors will soon be clarified. Yesterday, WeChat red development director Tencent caifutong director Wu Yi said: "this (rumors break 100 million) to pass too exaggerated, WeChat is just a small red house products during the Spring Festival, WeChat payment is still young, there are many places need to improve."

reporter then asked WeChat to pay the actual number of users, get the response is not the latest data can be disclosed". WeChat online payment function in August 5th last year, opened 100 days later (November 20th or so) has the market news that its number of users has reached 20 million, has been in the past 2 months, the latest data into the third party payment industry focus.

WeChat and Alipay wallet payment were Tencent and Alipay launched mobile phone mobile payment terminal products. In order to "induce" WeChat users to bind bank card as payment users, since the start of the year, Tencent has launched several promotional activities: first launched in January 10th, Didi taxi fare reduction activities, then the evening of January 15th CAITONG on-line test run, but the key is that the new version of WeChat launched in January 25th with "red envelopes" the function, setting off a burst of red hot".

"I get more than and 50 red envelopes from 27 days to 28 days, mostly from WeChat " group; rob " the largest is 200 yuan, at least 2 cents." Yesterday, a Shanghai banking analyst told reporters, I have sent out more than and 10."

in two days, WeChat’s "red hot" showing a diffusion force amazing, WeChat paid for counter attack competitors Alipay’s "Red Raiders" begin to display talents. Wu Yi said, red favored function has three main reasons: one is the Spring Festival approaching, users have the psychological needs of the red; two is WeChat’s emphasis on interpersonal relationship and social attributes; three is "the design of grab red process increase the entertainment, increase participation.

The reporter found that WeChat

, the principle of "red envelopes" can guide new customers to card, the typical application scenario is: the user choose red number and the total amount of payment, and then distributed to the WeChat group WeChat group members through payment, click envelopes can be randomly assigned amount, which compared one to a "Red Faction, stronger participation. Final guest


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