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Luxury websites have been closed down the supply of false ones into a bottleneck

frequent tens of thousands of dollars in the calculation of luxury overnight crazy hit sixty percent off, half off, such a concession is certainly exciting, so, nearly two years of luxury websites overwhelming hit. However, in the end of the season of consumption, luxury site has been torn illusion of prosperity — after one of the ten major domestic luxury site Huha network has been blasting wages 90% faction of employees who have resigned after the NetEase’s luxury site Netease Luxuries will be closed tomorrow. Insiders said that although the price of luxury online shopping, but the lack of credibility, lack of sales, etc., become a stumbling block to its development.

luxury website welcome

closing tide

recently, the reporter learned from the NetEase is still the product site to see a closed notice, which said that due to business adjustments, NetEase is still the product will be closed at 31 am on the day of 24, after the stop service. However, the return for up to January 15, 2012. It is reported that NetEase is still officially launched from the product to close less than a year. In fact, prior to this, there has been a luxury website exposed problems. Recently, Kazakhstan network has been blasting wages 90% faction of employees who have resigned "called one of the ten major domestic luxury site, the company explained is CEO and has been replaced in transition.

however, in the first half of the year, these luxury websites with "Chinese luxury consumer market has great potential in the atmosphere was also set off financing boom, it has been silent. Reporters in the online search found that the existing number of professional luxury sales sites, including Shang goods, Jiapin, Fifth Avenue, the only product, etc.. The network serves a comprehensive online shopping mall also opened a luxury channel, even Jingdong, Sina these well-known sites have joined the luxury network warfare. The shop, LV, PRADA, GUCCI, Burberry and other international big can be found, the price is really attractive: a Cartire watch, the market price of 48460 yuan, while net sales of special offer only 26300 yuan, equivalent to 46% off men; a GUCCI single shoulder bag, the market price of 6500 yuan, net sales the discount price of 4200 yuan. There are frequently flashed "minimum one fold" promotional advertising continues to attract attention.

source site into bottleneck


"it’s cheap, but I can’t buy it." Members of the public every year to miss the opportunity to go abroad, so most of the luxury goods are purchased directly from abroad, and occasionally go to the store to buy two, but the luxury website has never patronize. She said that the luxury website commodity is not by the direct authority of the brand sale, but by way of purchasing, the credibility of the goods is reduced, "although the low price of these sites, but also hundreds of thousands of pieces of things, if not directly buy fake goods too cheap to buy flowers!"

it is understood, because the price is too low, the luxury brand was not willing to cooperate directly with luxury websites, breaking the domestic original price system, so the supply of luxury site is only for overseas purchasing, by foreign Out>


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