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Over 1 billion hits a large pornographic website alliance is Jiangsu police busted

days ago, Jiangsu province Sihong County People’s court sentenced to 12 members of the public a pornographic websites have major impact on the whole country, the principal defendant Shen commits the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, sentenced to 11 years and 6 months, fined 750 thousand yuan.

"lost small pull porn website alliance

The case of

was originally developed by a network called "lost ailment" netizens pull. In April 19, 2009, Jiangsu Suqian City Police Detachment found in the work, the city has two network called "the lost ailment" and "lost maein" Internet users to participate in the "energy-saving alliance" under the "Paradise Lost Girl" porn site management, police immediately launched investigation project.

"minor" real name is Wu Hao, is Sihong County of Shuanggou town in Jiangsu Province, graduated from junior high school after 3 years of studying computer professional work has been unsatisfactory, in 2007 he staged a telecommunications agent at home, business is not much, but soon fans on the internet. In November 2008, he found a "Paradise Lost Girl" website on the Internet, the "lost ailment" sign become ordinary members, by December he applied to become the "exchange" moderator, in March 2009 was promoted to the "super moderator".

immediately instructed the police investigation found that the "Paradise Lost Girl" website consists of "younger girl classification" and "to text classification", "Heaven comprehensive" 10 sections of 83 plots, with all kinds of pornographic pictures of sites are more than 10 pieces, more than 1 pornographic video post, registered members of more than 4 people. "Paradise Lost Girl" website under the "energy-saving alliance, the alliance has a" Paradise Lost Girl "and other 13 pornographic websites.

then "energy-saving alliance" to enter the police investigation.

want to get rich on the world into white-collar porn network boss

in the police investigation "Cady min behind the scenes, the 31 year old Sichuan man Shen Yifu locked by the police. In 2005, Shen Yifu met a Taiwanese overseas website, then built a "energy-saving" and "beautiful spring garden" two adult website.

then Shen Yifu adult website popularity are rising, click rate rising. The police investigation found that Shen Yifu rented 14 US servers via the Internet, using the server architecture "Paradise Lost Girl", "passion" and "empire", and "energy-saving" and "fragrant Pavilion", "3S", "Li Chun Yuan", "Yi Chun Tang", "Comrade Chinese" and "music" and "Longyin Pavilion", "our movie", "drunk spring hall" and other 13 pornographic websites, and is responsible for the management and maintenance of the website server. These sites are marked with "energy-saving Web Alliance", spread on the Internet pornographic pictures, articles, videos and other pornographic electronic information. After investigation, "Paradise Lost Girl", "passion" and "empire", and "energy-saving" and "fragrant Pavilion", "3S", "Li Chun Yuan", "happy Spring hall.


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