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B2B platform keyword optimization five Raiders

released by the B2B platform information related keywords optimization of our industry, in order to get the station and station search engine better rankings attract customers click, promote business opportunities, believe that this is a lot of B2B network marketing methods commonly used. Recently, there are several industry friends in WeChat consulting to related problems, how to get better search engine rankings in the B2B platform to release the product page? Why has continued to publish the consultation is very few, there is no substantive business? I gave a few friends to do a specific guidance, has achieved remarkable results, and some friends did not have time to reply, there is a similar confusion including friends, today I come to this paper, keyword technique optimization of the B2B platform to do a comprehensive share, hope to be able to help you:

a, keywords and Title determination. Key words we should follow the following principles:

1, select the precise long tail keywords rather than the core keywords. Usually the core keywords search volume or business opportunity is relatively large, such as the "Shenzhen SMT steel net" of the word, regardless of search engines for promotion or enterprise stand with a domain name SEO, competition will be more intense, we want to release a product information page on the B2B platform is to get good rankings the chance is very little instead, seize the core keywords to do useful work, rather than precise long tail keywords ahead of mining optimization for, although the long tail keywords search volume will be much smaller, but from the three aspects of competition, the precision and the ranking in terms of our business opportunities are very high. For example, we optimized the word "manhole SMT steel net" B2B platform (Note: manhole is a town of Shenzhen), although the search volume is very small, but the competition is very small, it is easy to get a good ranking in the search engine, if there is no peer in a similar optimization, when you are in the long tail key words as the title of the release of information products, you can even directly ranking first in the Baidu home page, and the customer is very accurate, obviously, your customers looking for manholes can provide SMT steel net supplier for him, and you show the title information supply, I understand his needs, you will get great business opportunities for.

2, according to the characteristics of the user search, competitors, keyword tools, keyword search and the degree of business to conduct a comprehensive assessment, for each product to dig out as many long tail keywords. Due to the relatively small number of long tail keywords search, so as far as possible to find out the key words to optimize, will help to improve our search engine in more opportunities and rankings.

3, the assessment of all the long tail mining keywords, the search volume or the highest degree of business, one of the long tail keywords as the title of the product information release. This is very easy to understand, will search a large amount of long tail keywords as the title, we will improve the product release page findability — the key customer search volume is relatively large, and the search engine and that our product release page with customers to search the most relevant, we.


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