Soft Wen marketing news skills

now, a lot of people are through the release of soft way to network marketing, as the mainstream of marketing, in the end how to master the skills of news marketing

1, writing: write soft Wen 2 points

(1). Contents: the so-called soft soft marketing, is creating an easy for the public to accept the advertising effect, its advantage is that unlike previous hard advertising as straightforward, but indirect covers to promote content, starting from the public’s heart, make people unconsciously deep in the reach of marketing objective.


(2). Original: many people must often love others collected on the site to publish articles to modify as pseudo original, this effect is not very good, because the news itself is practical and novel, so it must be original, but to write a high quality of soft, requires a certain style of writing is also take a lot of time, suggested "Bo Yang soft news network" writing and publishing function. It is in the at science and Technology (micro signal: softweibo, Sina micro-blog @ at an accurate interactive marketing) a one-stop marketing platform for the soft news press promotion, the effect is very good

2 platform choice: do not choose low weight, included poor media, tens of dollars, mostly some low weight website, once the station was drop right or be sealed, oneself also can be implicated, and views of this website is not high, hair is not what effect. We should choose some large media, such as: the Tencent, Sohu, Sina, this kind of high impact news sources, will be harvested several times hits and hits, so as to better promote.

3, soft Wen release: soft news is not where you can send to the release of some large media want to rely on their own high weight is not possible, so it must be with some Associated Media, let the media to help you release! Recommended "Bo Yang soft news network news release function to self release

4 Summary: influence of news source network is not only soft offer because the choice of whether it is big news source, another important reason is the different cooperation, on behalf of the company, as to the different media, may spend money is not the same, because it relates to whether a relationship between the direct docking media edit. There are some soft paper on behalf of the company out of the price is higher, which might be why experienced several intermediary companies, the Commission after the results. So, choose the text on behalf of the company is very important to



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