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Several effective methods of advertising media promotion in local websites

is currently relying on the site to make money is no longer as in the past few years so simple, with the increase in local sites, the success of a number of local sites so that large and small webmaster and see the dawn. Do a lot of local station suddenly.

although we have seen the success of the site, such as the famous West Temple, Hefei portal, indeed, they were all successful. However, the initial site of the site has been the problem of most owners headache. The establishment of the local website, but eventually we had to give up, No one shows any interest in, to other sites. So, I want to say today no color monk is not you see the station, is your ability to promote.

in fact, we must understand this concept: local sites and other types of site promotion methods are different, the local site is mainly about the promotion of the line. So you want to make sure that local sites have to make good use of the local advertising media for your website promotion, so as to be able to play a very good promotion effect, the local portal to seize the initiative.

so, how to choose the local website of local advertising media? Give you some color. Sum up the common media.

is the most practical and effective than the promotion of television advertising, television is an attractive medium, because television can bring a large number of viewers for advertisers. But for most of the grassroots webmaster, is not able to afford the huge advertising costs. I recommend TV promotion in the late launch of the site when the brand.

then, I thought of the newspaper published for our local website promotion. Generally speaking, what are the local similar to today’s morning post, evening newspaper and the like, which must also have a large local people, such as reading crowd. The most important thing is that a lot of people read newspapers in order to see the ads, and the newspaper is not very high. General webmaster should be put into.

there is no doubt that the local broadcast media is also a very influential promotional media. Whether it’s on the way to work, on the way to school, or during the day or at night, people can listen to the radio. Broadcast promotion costs compared to television, is still very affordable, and the effect is very good.

warned today is strongly recommended color monk Internet home page advertising rental. At present, as far as I know, a large part of the youth, that is, after the main site of our local people, like Internet cafes in the internet. As can be imagined, when they go in, have been attracted by your website, will bring a high back to you, it is worthy of every local webmaster should try. As for the cost, but also 300 to 400 a month or so, you can talk about the price and the Internet cafe boss, it is estimated that not so much.

more about outdoor website promotion method I mention here a little. For example, in the bus on the slogan, in a busy lot of leaflets


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