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There are a large number of sites to look for a suitable site

cash acquisition of IP in the mixture million websites (not related to the website of copyright)

cash 150 thousand novel station

female class or mother and child related website

acquisition of PR5PR6 high quality website

10W cash for a matter of conscience movie station, passion station, road quality is better, the hacker

not faze

long term high priced Baidu have frequently included Google PR site the older the better

novel station, requires Baidu included normal, has been filed

domain name: [50 thousand to 100 thousand] acquisition of hacker portal domain name!

received a computer network class station

computer skills such as

website, price negotiable!

cash acquisition pet website

to be included in the white PR3 website! ~

100 million in cash to acquire a large number of websites………… some of the money is., but you didn’t!


6000-20000ip novel station

seeking a profit in the station!

received a novel Jackie station IP high nakoso! (0 – 1000 yuan)

acquisition forum IP does not matter more than PR to figure the best speed of some

seek livestock breeding base site a

for PR4 and above stations, including updates are normal

search engine included more than six months of the site

5 million or so long enough to seek more than IP5000 of the station! Good quality speed!

acquisition site, 500 yuan in the following

received a class QQ forum, cheap to!! Some cost PM

a large number of English trash image station, whether the flow can be

5 million yuan long enough for more than IP5000 station! Good quality speed!


mobile phone website forum QQ class women Mantianyaojia please don’t

cash 20W acquisition 5-10W IP little game station, QQ station, movie station [1 years above site]

cash 20W acquisition 5W above IP small game station [old station]

3W cash purchase Jackie novel station (Baidu included normal old station)

more information: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-215-1.html


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