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Wanda domain name the latest developments the record information shows that the European rather than

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) December 29th news, according to friends @ 100 words Si language acquisition of micro-blog broke the news, Wang Sicong "Wanda" domain name wanda.com, has completed the record in the earlier this month, but the record information is shown in Jiangsu o’fei Agel Ecommerce Ltd, namely the domain name wanda.com seller. Is this just a hype?

this morning, friends @ language said micro-blog COM domain name survey: wanda.com latest record in December 5, 2014, the show is still flying in the hands of Europe, is the acquisition of a hype it?

as everyone knows, the beginning of the September, "Wanda" Shuangpin domain name wanda.com has been traced to Wanda son Wang Sicong in the bag, and jump to his own Sina micro-blog, said the transaction price reached 60 million yuan. A time about Wang Sicong "nouveau riche" topic triggered heated discussion users, all users ridicule Wang Sicong money is capricious".


figure: Wanda wanda.com

in addition to discuss Wang Sicong "Hao", enough in the domain name on the circle, Wanda finally face the domain name COM and wanda.com will be used where the topic sparked heated discussions with investors. Now the record information query domain wanda.com, through the audit record in December 5th, in the name of organizer column shows the but neither Wang Sicong, nor the Wanda Group, but Jiangsu o’fei Agel Ecommerce Ltd, the name of the site that is Ou Fei wanda.


has been acquired by Wang Sicong domain, the record information is still in the hands of the seller? Wang Sicong and Jiangsu o’fei cooperation, or as @ 100 words silicon language said this is only a speculation




: Insider broke the news

is Wang Sicong and Jiangsu Ou fly true cooperation? Wang Sicong came early in the acquisition of wanda.com news, informed sources said the wanda.com price is "non market rumors of 60 million kilometer network CEO Danzheng Chuan free, this event not only can rally for Wanda electricity supplier, kilometers network also hope to pull Wanda shares to expand its visibility". Exactly how the truth, will be renamed China tracking reports.


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