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Baidu’s first release of social media sharing data report

Baidu for the first time released social media share data report users daily share growth of 60%

social media attributes of the Internet more and more obvious, people talk about the trend of social media has never stopped. Before the engine Baidu’s Baidu share the world’s largest Chinese search (http://s.share.baidu.com/) released the first half of 2012 "social media sharing Industry Report". The report shows that from January 2012 to June, the number of domestic social media users continued to grow, social media sharing is showing a strong upward trend. At the end of June, social media users daily share volume growth reached 60%, the average daily increase of 758% active site. Visible, social sharing has been integrated into the social networking life of the masses, has become a daily habit of people.


report download address: http://s.share.baidu.com/datareport/2012Q2


search, social, casual sharing large

share of fun, good-looking, useful and interesting content, it is a pleasure to people in social network. According to Baidu’s share of the industry report released data show that in the daily share, the user in search services, social networking, entertainment, games, video and other sites to share the total amount of 71%. In the share accounted for 17% of the search service, people share enthusiasm for the picture is much higher than the text. The era of pictures, picture search share accounted for more than 53%; focus on the knowledge sharing of Wikipedia search accounted for second, up to 21%.


TOP11~100 website is counter attack, long tailed distribution

from Baidu to share data show that as of the end of June, the domestic TOP100 site, the top ten websites share accounted for more than 36%, in contrast, ranked eleventh to 100 sites reached 64%.

sharing sites become more and more diversified, the long tail site with rich content and strong convergence of forces in content sharing on top, let people see the good trend of more web content to be distributed.


high share more active and high return niche platform for user


reflux ratio is the number of times a user returns to a shared page by clicking on a shared link after the Internet is shared with a social media


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