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Xie Wen innovation and micro innovation in my mind

recently, the word "innovation" in the media see high breadth. From the central government to the academic and business circles, calls for innovation, order of innovation, innovation which meet the eye everywhere. As a new high-tech industry, the network industry can not lag behind, the banner of innovation everywhere, and even a new concept – micro innovation. I am an advocate of innovation and hard work in the Internet industry, wrote a lot of articles to discuss innovation blog. However, in my mind, innovation and innovation in the market today or the Chinese characteristics of the new minimally invasive is not necessarily the same thing.

almost one hundred years ago, Inpet, a master of economics, put forward his theory of innovation in 1912, and has been continuously improved over the next few decades. Today, innovation has become a hot topic, a variety of claims, but mostly are the innovation and innovation of the theory of bear Pete. Inpet is a macro economist who is concerned with the development of society and economy. He believes that innovation is a combination of factors of production, through the production and management system to create profits. From the micro level, there are five ways of innovation, that is, product innovation, technological innovation, market innovation, resource allocation and institutional innovation. We can look at the innovation in the field of innovation in recent years, with Pete’s innovative classification. In product innovation, FACEBOOK and Apple’s IPHONE and IPAD is the most lethal product innovation. In technological innovation, Google’s search model is exemplary. In the market innovation, YAHOO’s display advertising, EBAY’s C2C model, Amazon’s B2C model, Google’s ADSENSE is a new example of market development. In the allocation of resources innovation, FACEBOOK SOCIAL GRAPH model is showing great power. In institutional innovation, FACEBOOK and Apple’s open platform and third party applications to redefine the network industry chain, the upstream industry.

in the eyes of bear Pete, not something new can be said to be innovative, only with quite a new thing is the characteristics of innovation. First of all, innovation is original, not to buy or from the external input, but an economic system or enterprise in the production and management process of endogenous. Secondly, innovation is a revolution, has the characteristics of sudden and intermittent, instead of the old stuff of tinkering or make only superficial changes. Third, innovation is the replacement of old things and destruction, both with new things to replace the old things, but also can replace the old with a group of new people. This substitution and destruction can occur either within an enterprise or between enterprises. Fourth, innovation must create new value. An invention should not be innovative, a patent can not be innovative, a new method is not innovative. It is only when people make use of these inventions, patents, and methods to produce new profits that the whole process can be called innovation.

is because innovation is so great, so hard, bear Pete innovation as the fundamental driving force for social change and economic development. >


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