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ndustry website in the end there is no future

      no future?

Sun Deliang and Guo Fansheng are the current domestic e-commerce, and even the entire Internet industry influential figure. Guo Fansheng HC B2B is a comprehensive e-commerce website after a Alibaba, the company was listed in Hongkong in 2003. Sun Deliang Hi2000 is the first brand of domestic industry, the company became the first Internet Co A stock market last year.

two not only in the past has a similar development experience, in the future there are almost the same thing to do: Sun Deliang is using "business platform" wantonly incorporated industry website, and Guo Fansheng also draw into the HC system industry website. But it is these two people have different views on the industry website.

"I said sharply, the current industry website is to fly lying on the glass window, there is light, no future." Talking about the status of the industry website, Guo Fansheng is stunned. He said, we are talking about how our industry website to become the world leader in B2B, in this perspective, we are lying on the glass, see clearly, no future."

for Guo Fansheng’s point of view, obviously does not agree with Sun Deliang. He said: I think the industry is currently the site of the entire Internet industry, or belong to the health of the first branch of the industry, you think about B2C or C2C, or how many are now really make money? While the industry website in a down-to-earth manner is nothing more than money, more money and fewer problems."

where is the road?

Guo Fansheng believes that the industry is now in fact the site is relying on their own money to survive, but the world’s great Internet Co which is done on their own money? Therefore, there is no venture capital, no capital market, you will not be close to the "great" two words, you will always be small.

"the future of the industry website is to look through technology in the virtual space. But I haven’t found it yet. But if we look for it, maybe we can find it." In Guo Fansheng view, the technical breakthrough is the hope of the industry site.

any industry to do bigger, can not be separated from the capital market." Sun Deliang also agree with the capital, but the technology is not the same as the view, in addition to Baidu and Google, for the general industry website, I think the technology does not need to invest a lot of manpower. We should do what you serve the industry inside, do not dislocation."

Sun Deliang said, as the industry should be landing sites, combined with the traditional industry closer, your future prospects will become wider. For example, a traditional industrial trading volume is two trillion, so a chemical network service in the two trillion industry, as long as you can think of this service, as long as can be obtained from the two trillion even 1/10000, can live.


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