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Two dimensional code marketing era can create marketing peak

speaking of two-dimensional code, I believe we are not unfamiliar, some people have heard, but do not know how to use; some people will use, but do not know it can promote marketing. In recent years, many advertising alliance by WeChat two-dimensional code to provide attention, accumulate popularity.

two-dimensional code marketing platform is a promotion to electronic coupons as the core of the platform to help enterprises, enterprises and businesses to create marketing activities through this platform, making rules, according to the type of marketing activities to provide code, encoding, verification, performance statistics, communication service evaluation. Widely suitable for group purchase and integral consumption, discount coupons, vouchers and other VIP business, by the two-dimensional code as a link, the integration of the mobile Internet, automatic identification technology, accurate delivery coupons, using electronic means to promote and help enterprises to achieve precision marketing. The activity can be evaluated, controlled, good experience and safety and environmental protection to meet the various types of business models and marketing activities of electronic support.

is now a number of well-known products have entered the two-dimensional code marketing, the following details of the classic success of two-dimensional code:

case 1: Taobao mall two-dimensional code shopping

two-dimensional code is the latest Taobao online shopping. Users only need to have a smart phone, and install the specified software, it will be able to pick up the two-dimensional code through the phone’s camera, and then directly through the mobile phone shopping. Taobao now has more than two dimensional code on the shop, there is a corresponding two-dimensional code for each commodity. That is to say, the future of online shopping is no longer confined to the computer display, subway, shopping malls, residential elevator, etc. any suspension led place to screen can display of goods, as long as there is a two-dimensional code, the user can directly open a mobile phone shopping brush.

case two: Starbucks coffee "support" two-dimensional code

coffee giant Starbucks in WeChat, a new kind of interpersonal interaction and communication way! As long as you in WeChat search "Starbucks Chinese", or sweep (Er Weima), Starbucks China can add as a friend, just send a emoticons, Starbucks will immediately reply to your mood, instantly enjoy Starbucks "nature wake up" music album, was designed for the deployment of individual mood tracks. The new brand promotion mode mobile new media + two-dimensional code, the precise user group from the store to online, then online constantly promote the interaction with the user, to convey corporate information, develop new consumer habits, it will enhance the brand value of extraordinary significance.

case three: Vitoria underwear temptation two-dimensional code

famous underwear brand in Vitoria made a great range of children’s outdoor advertising, chest cover model in the two-dimensional code, the advertisement is naked temptation – "RevealLily" ssecret "(Lily’s real secret), so that you are eager to pick up the mobile phone to shoot the two dimensional code behind the original two-dimensional code is Vitoria’s secret underwear, such as advertising slogan says," the skin is more sexy than".


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