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How to make your site updated every day by Baidu


every day from dawn to dusk, you have not thought about what you wrote several people watching, Baidu spider is not every day included update your article? Look at Baidu quickly on the article you wrote yesterday, today, Baidu is not included to have more readers to see if? Ha ha! You ever wrote the article, Baidu is not included, but only dozens of people watching, don’t you feel tired? Don’t feel paid no return


here are some of the methods I am using, I hope to help you.

: you want Baidu spider coming to your site first of course your content rich do taste a little, how can be called "rich flavor"


of course is to write your own original articles, but also let a person see the clap WOW! Don’t try to copy the somebody else’s article, this is very important, be sure to do! I think that many webmasters are not to do this, your site article is all readers see hundreds of times not want to see the article, do you think you could meet the Baidu spider’s appetite? If you have to copy the somebody else’s article, also should choose more new creative articles, then with the tail paragraph modify the content of the paragraph – head, not the same with others to write their own theme! This at least is the "original" of the article, Baidu spider is a good meal! Website rich taste let Baidu spider will forget you station every day


two: if 8 points have the best server station every morning to restart your machine, and then start to your rich article please Baidu spider to eat breakfast! How can you please go to the Baidu spider? (I’m still crowded virtual host,


of course you choose Baidu spider often visit the more famous site of the "BBS forum" blog "it to promote your website! Propaganda blog article, can be associated with your website to copy the article, such as the Sina blog. The article and you stand in the word or words associated with your connection! Every day to write two or three blogs, no more than 7 days Baidu will give you a surprise!

if you don’t want your Baidu snapshot stay in the history of pain, the above two points as long as you do, you will find that Baidu update your station every day is so simple thing!

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