QQ website promotion methods

1 content construction, must bring their own website content in the promotion website before, all kinds of information to all perfect website interface design to make people look comfortable, not for beauty, but can be simple and practical, website content, to attract users, otherwise, your users will not be in your web site for more than 20 seconds above. Refer to the www.qq352.com QQ character signature bar

2 release information, release information refers to write original articles, and then publish your articles to the industry Web site, of course, also want to release their own website, but the best in your own web site, the last known source of the source, you can follow it to you your site when others reproduced.


website optimization, website optimization including many website structure optimization, content optimization, chain optimization, keyword optimization and so on, if the station does not know how to do now SEO it is best to learn! Online information and many related websites. Take time to learn


4 company expansion, expansion is to peer peer web site or forum to release information, if the peer website has just registered a forum and posting replies, with its own web site, but not too much, what is the way to go, put his head and signature into their own website images and also very. Well, even for each post replies, the two floor is our posts in this forum to grab the sofa role.

8 communication tools, the use of personal communication tools to establish even QQ, QQ group, QQ group with other industries, when discussing in the group, and then appropriate under their own website, even using communication tools can not only make his friends understand the market can promote their own websites, shoot two hawks with one arrow, Why not? This is the best?! do QQ station! Good promotion, such as the www.qq353.com QQ net station! There are four QQ group! Want to know the strength of the masses is infinite!


9, here the question refers to the Baidu know, sina Post Bar, ask, YAHOO knowledge, ask QQ website to answer the question, answer how to answer what is the problem? First you find their own industry, the relevant key words can also search their own industry or product, then a view of netizens question, remember to leave your site.

10 friendship connection, friendship connection now the importance of more and more weak, friendship connection basically don’t come how much traffic, but friendship connection is an indispensable element of seo. Looking for friendship connection must find the relevant industry site do connection, now so many QQ station is also bad similar links? Really didn’t come to me! QQ:345461010


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