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Sharing allows consumers to order a few strokes marketing tactics

traditional concept that the user as long as the site on our site to stay longer, then the higher the conversion rate. In fact, this is an inaccurate view, when users stay in our site a piece of goods on time exceeds a threshold, the user may be hesitant to buy the product, the user may leave us for a long time. That is to say, the residence time of the user in the commodity page is inversely proportional to the conversion rate. As long as we care under the analysis of consumer psychology is to know the reason, consumers of the goods on our page longer residence time for our goods shilly-shally, easily affected by other factors, the conversion rate of naturally low.

as a marketing staff, we need to think of ways to reduce the consumer’s psychological concerns, so that consumers decide to buy a single faster. For this, the author thinks that the best effect is through some psychological suggestion. And there are a lot of psychological quick decision making tactics, the following author to share their views.

shortage implies

shortage implies that our consumers have not passed this village, this will have a great impact on our consumer decisions. A simple example: when we talk on the phone with someone, there are other calls, this is to choose to answer incoming calls will most of our circumstances, even if we know the call may not now call this phone is more important, content than before wonderful, but we will pick up, because we cannot predict if not by what might be lost, this kind of psychology will directly affect our decision.

most people are afraid of losing that will have more psychological than the stimulus force, you lobbying for someone to do something, tell him not to do this thing. What is this thing will lose what would be more persuasive. So the lack of a clear hint to stimulate consumers to buy a single purchase has a great role.



are often used in some occasions with negotiations, before the negotiations, both sides will begin to put a pair of conflicting momentum, and then through concessions to get a level recognized by everyone. Obviously the retreat in the negotiations is very effective, we apply it to the marketing is also very effective. We can also see that in the marketing strategy of the price of a commodity may be launched when the price might be higher than the market price, and when asked by consumers, to let consumers on sale mode, so that consumers feel that the price was cheap, consumers will purchase orders. But in fact, the price of goods did not make much concessions.

retreat strategy can bring influence may be beyond our imagination, of course, the situation is relatively wide, we can be in the commodity description >


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