List of 10 trick website promotion

Hello, I am plump mall editor, recently wrote a lot about the website SEO internal optimization of the article, this article do website promotion 10 trick, hope small writing to help the webmaster friends, please support reprint, I believe that most of the webmaster have some website promotion means in order to use more outdated, is not called the means of promotion, called manufacturing information rubbish. Now Xiaobian to 10 key aspects of the site to promote the means.

A: do website content

do not blindly copy paste, if a hot article users in this website read, to your site, and that he would feel very disgusted. Although the original requires a certain skill, for some time, but if you write an explosive original, the flow with money will be quite awesome.

two: title, description, keywords must be optimized

stand in the customer’s point of view to think about how to make the user satisfied, because no matter how the site is around the promotion of a core interests, is profitable. But title, description, keywords does not do optimization, no matter how hard is no good promotion, set up their importance everywhere.

three: soft is very important


reach a certain level can try every day to write original articles, or the use of pseudo original articles, recommended A5 this big brother level soft here, Xiao Bian is also a day to write a original posting on A5. The importance of soft is the clever use of writing on the website keyword to attract users, and then smartly added to allow more people to find you. If you write a wonderful reprint volume is a cannot estimate free publicity Oh, one of my highest reach more than 1 thousand soft article reprint.

four: flexible use of QQ group, MSN, micro-blog and other

for 50 QQ, each QQ joined 50 groups, each group of 50 people if there is a large number of groups, group number, publicity more of a free user, but be sure to change the number of landing, or to "down into the group, there was a group", to avoid T. As for the MSN with micro-blog we are very clear in his powerful place, the children are now know about micro-blog, by the end of July, domestic users of micro-blog is about to break 200 million, that if you have 10 thousand fans? You know.

five: the rational use of the major search engines

now submitted to a search engine until the collection seems to have become the webmaster will do the work, because the search engine website he needs a certain included time, so quickly submitted a day three times a day, until the webmaster tools can query to be included to let go of it, and the domestic famous search engine Google, Baidu, Sogou, Youdao, YAHOO, here in the hope that the webmaster if >


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