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Beverage industry website site received 120 thousand shares in July

has been operating beverage industry portal for 7 months, in continuous learning, constantly thinking, constantly after the implementation of the website IP number exceeded 2500 people from the original 0 to the present, and increasing every day, and now the first received industry shares invested 120 thousand yuan, although the money is not a lot, but let I feel my website at least got certain customer recognition, it makes me feel very happy, at the same time in the process of feeling a lot, here is a record of my operation idea and implementation process, case analyzing elements of the functioning of the industry website, hope and colleagues to share.

China drinks market network since launch site team adhering to the industry to provide customers with the latest and most complete, the most authoritative information for the beverage industry development goals, drinks, drinks, beverage packaging, beverage machinery, beverage, beverage and beverage agent to join China Merchants Industry hot information to improve the readability of the website. The website mainly rely on content to attract customers, I keep update daily nearly 50 articles about the beverage drinks articles, which ensure the site updated and improved search engines, natural website ranking will rise, more important is to let people see more industry professional website, provides the readability and the degree of customer experience.

at the same time enrich the site’s product resources, I collected thousands of drinks products, while providing reference prices. These columns basically meet the majority of dealers nationwide demand, and can meet the needs of some consumers, they can find satisfactory products, but also can provide reference for the price, if appropriate, can directly contact the manufacturer to buy. This can be a site to retain some loyal fixed customers, improve the site’s customer stickiness.

The second is to do

website promotion, publicity is the first key element of any successful web site, this has been so I never allow all doubt, in the propaganda of neglect, I think a lot of, of course, is also planning a lot of articles and events. I keep the site updated every day, at the same time published in a number of blog, industry forums and other places. In particular, some of the views of the article is desirable, a lot of time to get the opportunity to be recommended and reproduced.

Finally I want to mention

SEO website, this is the most basic skill to do stand, must let the site’s ranking in a leading position in the industry in various key words. Original, the chain, optimization can not be less. After several months of promotion and site optimization China drinks market network related keywords: beverage agent, beverage and beverage merchants joined, beverage packaging, beverage machinery, beverage drink beverage drinks market network Baidu keyword network two beverage marketing key word before five.

for the website promotion, I think to go into the market need to spend more time to return to the line, and when the site built, we need to look from the station site, to a higher position, analysis website, website, use website.

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